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steel magnetic pump

2017-09-25 15:59:57

IMC Series continuous load stainless steel magnetic pump is Shanghai Bai promise valve developed a magnetic pump without liquid load technology , occupying the forefront of domestic technology , was the world's first historic breakthrough , so that magnetic pump without liquid load operation possible. The pump uses the latest technology in the industry at home and abroad so far , and one stroke trial is successful, the lack of realization of the magnetic pump liquid load running around the clock "no rise " "zero leak" ! Traditional magnetic drive pump fluid load operation due to lack of heat generated magnetic vortex pump bearings burned deputy and magnets, rotor and lead to isolation units produce scratches, damage to pumps , media leaks , such as the environment and the surrounding facilities and chain reaction will likely result in greater losses or even lead to accidents.
Bai promise no -load magnetic pump liquid corrosion-resistant ceramic rolling bearings , isolation units imported non-metallic materials, coupled with a unique self- Bai promise ventilation and cooling design , the heat load generated magnetic pump is minimized, magnetic pump long run to achieve "zero rise " in the true sense of the effect .
Technical Parameters
Flow :1.8-100m3 / h;
Head :8-50m;
Speed ​​: 2900r/min;
Power :0.12-45kw;
Diameter :12-125mm;
Temperature : -20-100 ℃.