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BAIBUO goes against the wind, and the production capacity will rise steadily in 2020


BAIBUO goes against the wind, and the production capacity will rise steadily in 2020

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    In 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 challenged the supply chain of China's manufacturing enterprises, and the ability to produce and supply the world varied.

    In 2020, many manufacturing enterprises have different degrees of delivery delay. In the chemical industry, BAIBUO technology deeply feels the impact of the epidemic on global logistics and supply. However, BAIBUO has paid attention to customer demand and product R & D for many years, but can calmly deal with the challenges under the epidemic.


On the one hand, from the central to local governments, governments at all levels are trying to reduce the burden on enterprises, create a better business environment, and give support to all aspects, from rent reduction and exemption to credit preference, and then to investment subsidies, which really makes enterprises feel the warmth of the "cold winter" and enhances their confidence in overcoming difficulties. On the other hand, the enterprise does not rely on itself. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, it tries to find a way out internally, extricate itself from difficulties, constantly adjust, struggle and break through in the uncertainty, first stick to the basic situation, and then plan for new development.


Under the epidemic situation, BAIBUO resumed work and production in time and resumed production in an orderly manner. In 2020, the production task of this year was successfully completed, with a year-on-year increase of 1.6 times. On the premise of quality and quantity, it met the time requirements of customers for products and won the unanimous praise of all customers and cooperative enterprises.

Moreover, during the continuous epidemic period, Riciteestablished a production, marketing and research base in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province with a sole investment of 230 million, and set the goal of producing 30000 magnetic pumps and shielded pumps per year. The company adopts German advanced technology, innovates and reforms the process, and develops, produces and assembles a series of middle and high-end leak free pump and valve new products such as magnetic pump, shielded pump, diaphragm pump and chemical pump in China. Strong technology, strong enterprise, strong products and strong soft power, comprehensively improve the manufacturing capacity of industrial pumps and the resistance to exogenous shocks, and truly realize the high-quality development of China's industrial pump manufacturing industry.


China's manufacturing industry has entered a new starting point of high-quality development

An epidemic has witnessed the energy of the Chinese nation,

Ten thousand people work together to build hospitals;

An epidemic has witnessed the virtues of the Chinese nation,

Support from all sides when one side is in trouble;

An epidemic has witnessed the spirit of the Chinese nation,

Facing difficulties and fighting tenaciously;

BAIBUO relies on his own firm belief, works hard and prospers, and makes rapid adjustment to change the strain; It also relies on BAIBUO s leadership, perseverance, innovation, fearlessness and the courage to fight against huge waves to realize flying against the wind. In the next step, under the leadership of the company's leaders, BAIBUO  will fully explore the market and be determined to become the leader of leak free pump and valve