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The petrochemical industry is moving towards green and environmental protection, with the help of ri


The petrochemical industry is moving towards green and environmental protection, with the help of BAINUO high-quality precision diaphragm pump

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In the development of petrochemical industry, people pay more and more attention to the development of Green Petrochemical. In the traditional petrochemical development model, due to the relatively backward petroleum ecological tools, especially the performance of diaphragm pump is not very ideal, the problems of low precision and low service life of diaphragm pump often occur, which may cause environmental pollution in the development process of petrochemical industry.


In order to promote the green development of petrochemical industry, it is imperative to promote the upgrading of diaphragm pump. To promote the performance and quality upgrading of diaphragm pump, we need to raise the two flags of scientific research and ingenious manufacturing.


Scientific research casting new petrochemical industry


The performance of diaphragm pump is comprehensively upgraded. The key element of excellence is scientific and technological R & D and innovation. Without scientific research and R & D, the performance of diaphragm pump is difficult to improve, and the development road of new petrochemical is difficult to move forward. Therefore, to promote the performance upgrading and quality optimization of diaphragm pump, it is necessary to establish a strong diaphragm pump R & D team, strengthen investment activities in the process of diaphragm pump product development, pay attention to the cultivation of R & D talents, and serve the high-quality R & D of diaphragm pump with ingenuity.


Therefore, in addition to creating a high-quality diaphragm pump R & D team, BAINUO technology also optimized the diaphragm pump R & D procedures and steps, making the diaphragm pump R & D more scientific and detailed.


Precise realization of Green Petrochemical dream


If the precision of diaphragm pump is insufficient, problems such as leakage and leakage of petroleum liquid may occur in the process of its operation, which may not only cause a waste of petroleum resources, but also cause serious pollution of land and water resources, which is contrary to the development goal of green petrochemical industry. Therefore, improving the precision of diaphragm pump is the inevitable premise of realizing green petrochemical industry.


BAINUO technology strengthens the detailed research and development of the diaphragm pump, pays attention to the size of each part and the internal structure, so as to make the internal structure of the diaphragm pump more reasonable, so as to improve the overall precision of the diaphragm pump, so as to escort the green petrochemical industry.


Responsible for promoting the comprehensive upgrading of petrochemical industry


To improve the performance of diaphragm pump, not only the R & D work needs to be done well, but also the responsibility needs to be integrated into every detail of production, so that the diaphragm pump produced can be highly consistent with the original R & D design scheme. Therefore, BAINUO (Zhejiang) not only strengthened the R & D and design of diaphragm pump, but also integrated responsibility into every link of production. By setting up a reasonable supervision system, digitize the quality of diaphragm pump production, integrate the spirit of ingenuity into the eyes of every employee, and pursue the treatment of every detail in the production process, so as to improve the quality of diaphragm pump production.


BAINUO is determined to become the leader of leak free pump and valve.